The Official Coaching Programme Launch For The Department Of Home Affairs Is This March 2012!

Our Coaching Services

We are dedicated to the achievement of personal as well as business excellence for executives, managers, entrepreneurs, and industry professionals. Fresh Thinking Coaching® has expertise in the following:

Executive Coaching

One-to-one performance coaching is increasingly being recognised as the way for organisations and individuals to improve performance.

Performance Coaching

We enhance an individual's performance in their current role at work, and increase their effectiveness and productivity at work.

Business Coaching

We facilitative one-to-one coaching with business managers and owners. The coaching is focused on the success of the business and is likely to include a mixture of short and long term objectives.

Personal & Life Coaching

This form of coaching provides support to individuals wishing to undertake some form of significant change in their lives. We help individuals to explore what they want in life, and how they might achieve their aspirations and fulfil their needs.

Skills Coaching

Skills coaching provides a flexible, adaptive, 'just-in-time' approach to skills development. Coaching programmes are tailored specifically to the individual and are generally focused on achieving a number of skills development objectives linked to the needs of the organisation.