The Official Coaching Programme Launch For The Department Of Home Affairs Is This March 2012!

Local & International Pioneers

South African Coaching Champions

Fresh Thinking Coaching® has an accredited panel of over 100 South African coaches who are presently providing coaching throughout South Africa. Fresh Thinking Coaching® is currently providing professional services to several clients, including the Department of Home Affairs, with coaching to some 800 officials. Apply today to become a coach panellist: info@freshthinking.co.za.

Global Coaching Team

Globally Fresh Thinking Coaching® has partnered with Life Success Coaching (www.bobproctor.com) which operates in over 50 countries and territories with access to 1 000 certified coaches. Fresh Thinking Coaching® has also partnered with several international organisations, including the Institute for International Business. You can have access to over 3 000 Executive Associates (www.iib.ws), Executive Coaches and Business Coaching.

Additional Coaching And Training Solutions

Fresh Thinking Coaching® creates and facilitates coaching solutions in partnership with you in the following areas:

The above programmes have already benefited several organisations, companies and business owners round over the past 24 months.