The Official Coaching Programme Launch For The Department Of Home Affairs Is This March 2012!

Our Coaching Philosophy

Fresh Thinking Coaching® is designed to inspire and equip executives, managers and leaders in a process that radically improves their capability to think clearly, think creatively, and to think collaboratively, in creating better results in life and in business. Fresh Thinking Coaching® has developed a unique coaching methodology that is customised in a way that will ensure better results.

Fresh Thinking Coaching® brings different qualities to the table, ranging from large-scale coaching assignments including leadership assessments, organisational development, strategic planning and facilitation. In essence the team represents a comprehensive cadre of coaching excellence in the public and private sectors. Fresh Thinking Coaching® is distinguished not only by its professional and technical capacity, but also by our unified values, which link to all aspects of the Fresh Thinking Coaching® programme. These include the following:

Dedication to Quality

Fresh Thinking Coaching® is an established coaching company comprising professional coaches committed to the consistent achievement of the highest possible standards of quality service.


Fresh Thinking Coaching® has been very careful to select its coaching resources on the basis of the clearly stated objectives of each endeavour and alignment with a common set of codes.


All coaches in Fresh Thinking Coaching® subscribe to strict standards of professional confidentiality including international codes of ethics, including the IIB, COMENSA and IFC, amongst others


All members of Fresh Thinking Coaching® are well known to each other and represent a network of professional associates who have already built a relationship of trust and are used to working with each other.

Coaching technology

Members of Fresh Thinking Coaching® bring international experience, technologies, and expertise to the local environment, having worked and studied overseas. Fresh Thinking Coaching® utilises evidence-based technologies and proven process methodologies that are adapted for relevance in the local market.