The Official Coaching Programme Launch For The Department Of Home Affairs Is This March 2012!


Fresh Thinking Coaching® provides the finest and highest quality coaching to public and private sector executives, managers, company directors, and young entrepreneurs. Fresh Thinking Coaching® inspires, empowers and equips our clients to unlock their potential for success and achievement.

We do this by providing professional, relevant, life changing and accredited coaching, and we train people on how to become coaches:

  • We provide internationally recognised coaching, utilising certified and accredited coaches in order to empower clients to improve results in their organisations and personally.
  • We use coaching to equip executives, managers and leaders with tailor-made recognised training courses.
  • We use coaching as a powerful process and tool to build the capacity of senior managers in national, provincial, and local government to deliver their mandate.
  • We train coaches utilising some of the world's certified coach training programmes.
  • We empower coaches around the world through the world's first automated real time coach management systems.
Dr Meshack Khosa
Chief Executive Officer

Dr Meshack Khosa : Chief Executive Officer

Dr Meshack Khosa is an internationally Accredited Executive, Life and Business Coach with 20 years' experience in the public and private sector. He has previously worked as General Manager at MTN, Executive Director at the Human Sciences Research Council, and is currently CEO of Fresh Thinking Holdings. He achieved a Certificate in Life and Business Coaching (cum laude) from the University of Johannesburg in 2008, Certificate on Coaching to Excellence from the University of Cape Town, Centre for Coaching; Integral Coaching Principles from New Ventures West in the US, accredited Life Success Coach from Bob Proctor Life Success Productions in 2010, and he is an accredited Executive Associate of the IIB.

After graduating with a Masters of Arts degree from Wits University in South Africa and a PhD in 1992 from Oxford University, Dr Meshack Khosa became a university lecturer at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (previously University of Natal). Over the past eight years Dr Meshack Khosa has coached and mentored over 200 executives, managers, and entrepreneurs and equipped them to improve their results, lead more effectively, and grow their organisations.

Dr Meshack Khosa is a Member of Coaches and Mentors of South Africa, Project Management Institute (USA), and Project Management (South Africa), and as well as the Institute of Directors of Southern Africa.